EDC Travel Valet & Bottle Opener - The Story

EDC Travel Valet & Bottle Opener - The Story


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EDC Travel Valet & Surreptitious Beverage Entry Tool:

Keeping your watches and tools organized is important and having a central location in your house for your wallet, keys, watch and other tools is crucial.  So we designed our own W.O.E. Everyday Carry (EDC) Valet for at-home use or while on the move.  Each order includes a W.O.E. Surreptitious Beverage Entry Tool (S-BET), aka a challenge coin bottle opener.

James Rupley Watches of Espionage

American Craftsmanship: The travel valet is made in the USA using full grain Saddle Tan (light brown) and Mahogany (dark brown) leather.  The base of the valet is supported with U.S. government specification Type 1 Class A Olive Drab, a water repellent fabric used for US Government-issued items prior to the wide adoption of nylon.  Solid brass buttons allow the valet to collapse flat for easy packing. This combination creates a durable tool, made to last.

Each valet is unique, given the hand craftmanship, and each hide of leather was specifically chosen to display character.  With continued use, the leather and brass snaps will develop a unique patina and a character of their own.

Watches of Espionage Travel Valet

Insignia:  The travel valet and bottle opener contain the full Watches of Espionage “Use your tools” insignia.  The centerpiece is the W.O.E. spearhead, modelled off the spearhead originally developed by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and used by modern-day intelligence and special operations units.  The spearhead has an hourglass base to signify the importance of time. The insignia also contains a tool watch dial for obvious reasons. 


Flat: 11 x 9 inches

Snapped: 9 x 7 inches

Surreptitious Beverage Entry Tool (S-BET): 

Challenge Coin Bottle Opener

Despite the sexy name, this is a bottle opener made from the same material and care as the W.O.E. challenge coins.  The robust opener is made to last a lifetime, with subtle nods to our community.  In addition to the W.O.E. spearhead, the reverse side contains a zoomed-in cut out of the “16-point compass,” which represents the convergence of intelligence data from around the world at a central point.  The hole in the bottle opener allows it to be put in a piece of parachute cord or key chain for easy access.

Challenge Coin Watches of Espionage


-4.5 x 1 inch

Metal:  Silver Plating – Antiqued

Enamel, faint fill and light epoxy clear coat.

Saddle Tan - Light Brown:

EDC Valet Tray

Mahogany - Dark Brown:

EDC Valet Watches of Espionage Challenge Coin

W.O.E. Product Development:  
At Watches of Espionage, our product development model is to partner with true professionals –masters of their craft– to develop distinct and highly-functional products that honor our community and our core belief that you should “use your tools.” If it doesn't follow our mantra, it doesn’t get made. In short, we design products for ourselves.

Leather Works Minnesota

Made in America:  There is a lot of virtue signaling with “Made in America.”  That said, supporting American small businesses is in line with our core beliefs as a community so we will continue to default to “American made” when possible.  From a practical standpoint, working with Leather Works Minnesota and Coin Squadron allows W.O.E. to rapidly iterate with our suppliers to develop unique and lasting tools.  Further, the quality of American handmade leather goods far exceeds anything else on the market.

Watches of Espionage

Release Date: May 2nd, 11 am eastern - Sign up for "Notify Me When Available"



* If international shipping is required. All customs, handling and import fees, will be paid by the customer.

*Watch, straps, spring bar tool not included.

*Photos by James Rupley


Exactly what I need, pure class. Thank you!


Very excited for this one, hopefully I can snag one in time. Thanks for putting thought into thse products.


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